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Who is Paradigm Life and what is the Perpetual Wealth Strategy?
You know how Entrepreneurs are continually frustrated with the complexity and poor performance of their financial plan outside of their business? Paradigm Life comes alongside you to implement a proven wealth building strategy that provides an unmatched element of certainty to your finances and enables an even more fulfilling life.
Perpetual Wealth 101
This brief video-course covers the following topics:
  • Building a financial future that will rest on a foundation of certainty, rather than risk.
  • How you can build wealth securely.  
  • ​The 3 major pitfalls of the 401K.
  • ​The flaws in typical financial planning. 
  • ​How to reduce your reliance on the financial products offered by Wall Street and The Banking Industry. 
  • ​Identifying your financial potential.
  • ​How you can shape your unique financial goals using the Perpetual Wealth Strategy.
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